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03-963 Warsaw, ul. Bajonska 6
 phone: +48.22.617.25.45
fax: +48.22.617.25.27
e-mail: info@extremeteam.pl


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a team of qualified instructors, including Mountain Rescue Service (GOPR) and Polish Life Saving Federation (WOPR) rescuers, off-road driving instructors, Polish champions in Enduro and Quad racing, trainers and coaches of Compound archery, sports and self defence shooting, instructors of free jumping and paragliding having all necessary qualifications and safety certificates.

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Our services have enjoyed appreciation of the best: NOKIA, Goodyear, Computerland, AVON Cosmetics, Playboy, Tchibo.
Among many famous actors, politicians and other celebrities who have taken part in our events are: Tomasz Stockinger, Kazimierz Kaczor, Marian Opania, Radosław Pazura, Wiktor Zborowski, Karol Strasburger, Jerzy Bończak, Dorota Stalińska and many others.

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  • Do you want to build a strong team and have an unforgettable adventure?
  • Does your team need some space or fresh air?
  • Or maybe you already have a great team who deserve a reward?

We offer complex services connected with organisation of:

  team building events, adventures and activities boosting motivation
    and loyalty
  corporate picnics
  incentive travels
  outdoor training
  promotions, presentations and exhibitions
  specialised training courses

We guarantee:

  • A plan of activities designed individually for every Client.

  • Full logistic management: accommodation, insurance, transport, board, evening leisure activities (performances and concerts of popular artists, music bands or dance groups).

  • Documentation of the event: 30 minutes of a VHS film or photos on a CD-ROM.

  • Promo gadgets: T-shirts, caps or backpacks with the logo of your company.

We encourage you to try our services!


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